Kitchen Workbook – Gathering Inspiration

The task of collecting ideas for a remodel can be daunting. If your like me I like many different styles and sometimes it hard to incorporate them all in.

Here’s a few tips:

Collect images at random: Collect images that speak to you emotionally without thinking about why (at least for right now). Believe me, there’s a pattern there — you may not be able to see it at first, but a pattern will show itself.

Don’t edit yourself (yet): Don’t make yourself nuts from the get-go by trying to edit as you collect. I really believe in collecting with reckless abandon first and editing later. Editing yourself while you gather inspiration is certain death for creativity.

Organize: It’s OK to be unorganized and even a little messy — this is creativity after all! So what if your collections are a bit of a mess with no rhyme or reason. There’s time to go back over all this stuff and label it later.

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