Simplifying the Closet

Do the items in your bedroom closet try to leap out and attack you every time you open the door? Have you already given up on ever finding your favorite shirt because it’s hidden behind a monstrous pile of balled-up scarves, stray socks and embarrassing novelty shirts? With a few space-saving solutions, you can rescue your closet from becoming a hopeless black hole and bring some order into one of the most-used spaces in your home.

Here’s a few tips:

Pegs_and_hooks 1. Use pegs and hooks:
Make the most of your wall space by using hooks and pegs to hang handbags, scarves, ties and hats.

2. Use as much vertical space as possible: Install rods, shelves or hooks right up to the ceiling, and use the higher space to store bulkier or seasonal items, such as winter coats, boots and formal outfits.

3. Stack your shoes:If you can, install shelves at the bottom of your closet to store your shoe collection.

Drawer Dividers 4. Divide and conquer:
There’s something about dividing things into little compartments that can make you immediately feel much more organized. This is a customized drawer, but if you have existing cabinets you can use this to accomplish the same look by adding this organizer kit.
Belt_and_tie_Rack 5. Belt and Tie Racks:
Pullout tie and belt racks can make for easy access. This can be added to new cabinets or added to existing cabinets.
Pant_Rack 6. Pull-out Pant Racks:
Pull-out pants racks are a great way to hang your dress pants.
Pull_out_Bin 7. Pull-out Bins:
Pull-Out Baskets are great for scarves as another option than standard shelves
Tilt_out_Hamper 8. Tilt-out Hamper:
Neat option for sorting laundry. This item is best added if you are having new cabinets built.

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