Even More Storage Ideas

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We are all looking for ways to simplify and make our busy lives easier. By organizing and having places for everything, just makes things easier. You can spend less time looking for something because it has it’s own spot. Find out what you need at the grocery store with just a quick glance. We have catalogs of many available options, just let us know what type of storage solutions you are interested in.


1. Custom Pantry:
Pantries house everything all in one place, you can see everything easily, so you don’t end up buying something you already have. By having clear see-through containers you can quickly see what you are running out of.

Knife Drawer insert

2. Wood Knife Block Insert : This can be an option if you prefer not to have a knife block on the counter. One thing to consider before choosing this option would be if you have young children or grand-children around.

Cleaning Pull-Out

3.Pull-Out Cleaning Supplies : This can be a great option for storing cleaning supplies.

pantry pullout

4. Narrow Pullout Shelves:
This can be a great space-saving alternative to traditional food shelving.

Sheet good storage above refreigerator

5. Wood Sheetgoods Divider :
Many options available, in pull-out drawers, inside a cabinet or in an upper cabinet.

Cabinet Door Mounted Spice Rack

6. Door Mount Wood Spice Rack:
Keeps spices organized and handy. There are also in-drawer units or pull-out drawer units are both popular, adaptable to each individual.

Pull-out Ironing Board

7. Pull-Out Ironing Board : Convenient storage for the ironing board, they can be used in laundry rooms, closets or in this article they added it in the kitchen.

8. Extra Work Station: Could something concealed by bifold cabinet doors, offers extra countertop space for food prep and small appliances. This could be perfect for those who need extra room but want to hide the clutter.

9. Wraparound Shelving: If you have beautiful dishes, showcase them!

10. Built-In Island Storage: A typical island has dining and counter space, but what about cabinets and shelving? Maybe extra storage for wine bottles and cookbooks?

Wine Bar

11. Wine Bar:
How about small-space wine bar, which has racks for bottles, wineglass storage, counter space and a mini fridge for beer and water?


12. Open Shelving:
Would open shelving for regularly used items make sense in your kitchen?.

Here’s the link to read more the full article with photos…

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Here’s many more storage ideas…

More storage ideas…

I have provided some helpful links to Amazon for the items mentioned above. We find that a lot of these types of products are better priced than our distributors – and they deliver and if you have prime – for free.


Cabinet Door Mounted Spice Rack

Door Mounted Spice Rack

Cabinet Door Mounted Spice Rack

Door Mounted Spice Rack

Cleaning Pull-Out

Cleaning Pull-Out

Sheet good storage above refreigerator

Sheetgood Divider

Knife Drawer insert

Knife Drawer Insert

Pull-out Ironing Board

Pull-Out Ironing Board

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