House Planning: How to Set Up Your Kitchen

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One thing we always suggest to our customer in designing a kitchen, it to think what they are going to put into each cabinet. Sometimes the design process can be overwhelming, here’s a few tips that might help with this process.

1.Start with the basics – silverware : Some people put there silverware in an upper small drawer close to the dishwasher, if you don’t have a dishwasher then close to the sink. It’s all about ease of clean up and putting items away when it comes to silverware…if there’s an island, then I sometimes put the silverware drawer in the island, but still a pivot away from the dishwasher or main sink.

Cabinet Drawer Organization for dishes

2. Where to put everyday dishes? Again something close to the dishwasher is usually a good spot. Probably most of us have grown up with dishes in an upper cabinet, but now with dish drawers we see customer now putting their plates in drawers.

3. Casserole dishes and small appliances: These items are ideally stored in cabinets that have roll-outs for easier access. Divided drawers make another good option as well. Lazy-susan cabinets can be another good location for these items. Make sure you tell your cabinet maker if you are considering storing items so they can make sure your pull-outs or lazy-susan is rated for this.

4. Dry goods and the food pantry: I like this idea – If you have a pantry, put all your food there! Don’t spread it out in wall cabinets. Walking around opening doors looking for things can be very frustrating.
Link to article for storing dry bulk food in drawers

Above Refridgerator

5. Cookbooks, wine, and oversized bowls:If you have a cabinet above the refrigerator, this can be a good space for less used items or those bulky item. You can leave the doors off and use it as a nice display area for those wine bottles, cookbooks or nice serving bowls.

6. Utensils, knives, and everyday spices: Standard-size spices will fit in drawer organizers, and there are many on the market like bamboo and wood that are adjustable for different size drawers. There is also door mounted styles available.

7. Oils, vinegars, and taller spices: Oils, vinegars, condiments, sauces, etc. are nice to have in one cabinet to the left or right of the stove.


8. Pots and pans:Pots and pans should be put in a location that makes sense: near the stove (or cooktop). roll-outs or drawers are great options.


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