Love to Bake? Try These Ideas for a Better Baker’s Kitchen

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Designing or modifying a kitchen for a serious baker requires some thought. Some ideas are suitable for small kitchens, while others work best in kitchens with a larger footprint.

Here’s a few ideas:

Open Shelves 1. Open shelves:
Bulk storage of dry ingredients like flour and sugar is easily accessed from convenient open shelves.

Want some inspiration on designing open shelving…

Sheetgood Pull-out 2. Tray and baking pan storage:
Sheetgood dividers are ideal for bakers, because what’s inside is easy to view and access; cabinets made specifically for trays are narrow and tall.
Pastry Table 8. Pastry table:
Plan a space for a pastry table in the main work triangle. Pastry tables are typically lower than standard countertops. A marble or similar solid surface is ideal for rolling out pastry or bread dough.
Roll out tray 4. Roll-out drawer:
Use narrow drawers such as this for storing cookie cutters and measuring spoons.
Kitchen office 5. Recipe – Computer Center:
Having everything in one area when try to find a recipe, just makes baking that more enjoyable.
Double Ovens 6. Double ovens:
Consider looking into convection heat as well. Convection ovens work with fans that recirculate heat, which is great for evenly baked cookies and crusts.
Spice Drawer 7. Spice drawer:
Keep the cinnamon, nutmeg and all the rest at arm’s reach. This drawer insert allows for a top view of frequently used spices and toppings. There are a lot of sizes available for these. They come in plastic, wood, and bamboo. I have included a few links at the bottom of this page.
Baking Drawer 3.Storage drawers and bins:
Drawers are ideal for storage. Being able to view the ingredients and kitchen equipment from above is practical. Also, bins with airtight lids keep ingredients fresh. This is a customized drawer. The containers are steam pan inserts that made for catering companies.
Bulk Food Storage in Cabinet Drawer If you have existing cabinet and like this idea. Here is an idea for the organization of dried goods.

Here’s the link to read more the full article with photos…

Use arrow to flip through pictures

Some of the ideas above can be used in existing cabinets. I have provided some helpful links to Amazon for the items mentioned above.

Sheetgood Divider

Sheetgood Divider

Spice Drawer

Spice Drawer Insert – Polymer

Spice Drawer Bamboo Small

Spice Drawer Bamboo Small

Maple Spice Drawer Insert

Maple Spice Drawer Insert

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