Ways to Configure Your Cabinets for Comfort

Here are a few details to think about when it comes to ergonomics. How you configure your cabinetry can make your kitchen a comfortable and efficient workspace for you and your family.

Minimize uppers – Wall cabinets can be a stretch for many to access — or altogether out of reach for some — so consider removing wall cabinets and putting in a bank of windows instead. This is an especially smart move if doing this will give you a nice view.

Go for open shelves- Open shelves can make is very easy to access items.

Open Shelves

Install drawers- It’s much more efficient to just pull the drawer out and have all the contents on view right in front of you than having to open two doors and root around for what you need. Pictured below is an handy organizer kit you can add to your drawers.

Deep Drawer

If you can’t avoid corners, make the use best of the space- There is a lot of available options available.

Click to read article on great ways to use kitchen corners …

Lazy Susan

Soft-close door hinges and drawer glides are more must-haves – They allow you to shut doors and drawers with one efficient push and no slamming.

Vary countertop heights – While the standard kitchen countertop height is 36 inches, there are many tasks that are more comfortably performed on a lower or higher surface. This is especially true for those who are taller or shorter than average.

Kitchen Island

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