Kitchen Knobs & Pulls

You might think that after making dozens of tough decisions during your kitchen remodel, something like choosing handles for your cabinets would be easy. You’ll soon find out that there are more cabinet knob options than you could ever imagine.


Modern 1. Modern:
This is a form inspired by the high-speed rails and ships of the art deco era. You see it in the architecture and furnishings of that mid-1930s time period as well — think curved, slender, often horizontal lines. Styles it works with: Modern, contemporary, art deco, transitional.
Bar Pull 2. Bar Pulls: Don’t think bar pulls are only for modern kitchens. Here they give a jazzy, updated feel to Shaker-style, five-piece recessed panel doors. Styles they work with: Modern, minimalist, contemporary, traditional, transitional, Shaker.
Cup Pulls 3.Bin Pulls (Cup Pulls): An upside-down cup-shaped pull popularized in the mid-19th century. Bin or cup pulls are a popular choice for giving a kitchen a vintage feel, often seen on Shaker-style cabinets and drawers. Styles they work with: Shaker, traditional, vintage, country, eclectic.
Swinging Style Knob 4. Drop Handles:
Two-piece handles with a mounted portion and a dangling pull. Drop handles make built-ins look more like furniture. Styles they work with: Any style. Just use modern handles on modern cabinets, Victorian handles on Victorian cabinets and so on.
Glass Knobs 5. Glass Knobs:
They can add a touch of sparkle or formality. Styles they work with: Vintage, eclectic, contemporary, traditional, country.

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Now you have some idea of what type of kitchen hardware – Where on the doors or drawers do you locate them? …

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